• Check our article out in the Maui News - AUGUST 9, 2018 "UPCOUNTRY"

Here are a few ideas that have come to fruition since June 2010

  • Snap Program (Supporting Low Income Families of Maui county) SUCCESS!
  • Grand Opening Event AND Marking all anniversaries w community give backs 
  • Educational programs for children.... Farm tours and market information
  • Workshops for our farmers.... DOH health certifications
  • Yearly festivals for our community Our anniversaries
  • Creating a weekly newsletter...over 800 subscribers and counting! 
  • Networking with farmers to improve the market.... weekly
  • Providing farmers with information about education on "value added" food requirements and vending information. A new booklet  published by the UH that was put together by the management of the larger farmers markets in Hawaii. Luisa Castro organized and put it all together! These are distributed to all vendors...  
  • Donations of funds to help our community.
  • Donation to build a classroom for agriculture students
  • Distribution of script each week to our seniors to help with their nutrition.

Exotic Thai and Indian delicious food dishes are now being offered! Raw and Vegan confections, Pastries, miso, baked goods and so much more
Hawaii is host to at least 100 varieties of Mangoes from all over the world. Some are so exceptional that you can not get enough and the season is over in a blink of an eye. Depending on the location and elevation of the trees one can find mangoes as early as April through December. The season for the most production is around May through August. Pictured is a Pirie mango that is either  white or yellow fleshed. If you ever have the opportunity to try one you will be spoiled! Most mango spoils as it gets soft. Pirie gets better as it gets soft...sooooo sweet!

Here is a small picture of our magnificent view from our market!

As you can see one has the opportunity to experience an expansive space to really enjoy the market! This is just a small piece of the pie we call the Upcountry Farmers Market. Come Celebrate our community every Saturday morning!

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