About Us
The Upcountry Farmers Market has been operating on Maui first at St. Joseph's Church over 40yrs ago. The Upcountry Farmers Market moved after a few years to the Eddie Tam Gymnasium in Makawao town and existed there for approximately the last 31yrs.  Since June 26th of 2010 we have been blessed by the Dowling Company, with a beautiful outdoor space at the Kula Malu Town Center, in Pukalani, just up from Long's Drug Store. We strive to have all produce, bananas, coconuts, potatoes, all salad greens, steam or juice greens, fruits, nuts, probiotic preparations etc...  be produced on Maui locally grown! Being thousands of miles fresher all benefit from the quality, variety. and freshness! 
We also have prepared foods like pastries, baked goods, Indian foods, Thai foods, fresh miso, fermented foods, raw and vegan foods, as well as juices, kombucha, dehydrated goods, raw nut cheeses, and so much more being added all the time. The farmers who grow cut and mill their own rare woods also bring in their creations.Maui grown orchids being cast in silver as earrings and table jewelry are also available. The most important thing we have at our market is the Aloha! Come and enjoy with your community even if you are a new visitor or resident we welcome you!  
We wish to thank Everette Dowling and staff, Mayor Alan M. Arakawa, The County of Maui Parks and Recreation Dept., Clark Hashimoto, Rep. Kyle Yamshita, The County Planning Dept., and countless others who have donated their time to make this a great community event. We gather every Saturday morning from 7am to 11am! Traditional Hawaiian Music starting December at the Kula Malu Town Center football field parking lot just up from Long's Drug Store...Just follow the signs you can not miss it! The longest running event serving our community!  We Serve Community to Build Community! 
Our Mission
Upcountry Farmers Market Inc. facilitates  the success of the local food growers, producers and food artisans. Strengthening our food, local economy,  and serving to provide a great community gathering place for all to come and enjoy while stocking up on the goodies for the week! 
UFM is an MOSTLY locally grown market 
Doing good things for our community!
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 Seniors Nutrition Program...EBT
Free classes     composting
food production and more... 
We have delivered food at no charge to the elderly, injured, sick or recouperating for the last few years. Other programs like S.N.A.P. are in operation at the UFM...Our priorities are (1) the customer, (2) the farmers, (3) famers support or those that sell for them, and (4) value added vendors. 
We serve community to build community!
"LettuceEntertain You 
with the freshest food from 
 farmers on Maui!