Aloha Honua - Billy - Local Plants, shrubs & trees

Mountain Coffee - Bobby - maui grown coffee

Brad - Local fruits & veggies

Coca Farms - Marta - Local veggies & fruits HOFA certified organic

Antonio  - Eggs from happy  chickens great eggs! Foccia, cookies, fruits

Escovedo Farm -Noel - Local veggies

Jamie's Fish - Fresh caught Maui fish

Kenoras Farm Herbie - Local veggies & fruit

Kuiaha Farm & Garden - Local veggies & Fruit

Maui Bees - Local honey

 Kombucha -TARYN MAUI JUN Tea

​Maui Raw,  Nut cheese spreads dehydrated raw crackers

Rick Bickford - Local fruits & flowers

The Rose Lady - Lyn - Roses

Kula Grown -

Ryan's Produce...a large display of all kinds of veggies fruits

THE KIMS Korean food...kimchi, sushi, noodles dish!

Lilia- Baklava

Our 40 Local Farmer's and counting...  
Why shop at the Upcountry Farmers Market?

1) Maui has 17 different micoclimates with year-round growing capabilities making our island one of the most diverse growing centers of the world. Our fruits and veggies are very unique! 
2) We are isolated and need to create a self-sustained environment for the needs of our community.
3) Our economy is 90% tourism based. We must diversify our economy for the health of our citizens.
4) Helps our local economy. We need selling venues which support the families of Maui. Many families need supplemental income and enjoy teaching their own children how to grow food. 
5) Free Education for farmers and customers!
6) Farms preserve the open spaces on the island of Maui.
7) Preserves the culture of agriculture in Hawaii.
8) Supports Entreprenuership! This is a small business incubator and allows new businesses to be born and supported.
9) Helps Mother Earth! Less carbon footprint - thousands of miles fresher.
10) It is Fun! Come meet your friends at the market.
11) Better Nutrition and Taste!
If you have any ideas for the market, or would like to subscribe to our newsletter please e-mail us. We would love to hear from you!
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Thousands of Miles Fresher! 
Good Health starts 
with fresh, live food.

Sanctuary Farm -  Orchids cast in Silver, papayas, kabocha pumpkins

SriCor Inc - Mark & Pan - Hot Thai food & Local veggies

Teresa's Goodies - Local veggies

Todd - Macnuts & Fruits

Uma Star Anise- Indian food samosas, curries, sauces n spices

Watanabi Veg Processing - Local veggies & eggs

Will Coco - fresh coconuts

and so many more not enough room but will be added...over 350 to add!
If you need to contact a farmer from our market you may contact Neil 283-3257 OR email